I need a budget for a new PC. And I hate slow laptops for editing.
I get periods of activity and inactivity from time to time. Almost all posts are queued.

Late replies are apparently a bad habit of mine but I still acknowledge and answer them on my next online visit so keep those messages coming~
crying oversleeping schedule
social life
obsessed with

Haise Sasaki
Kirito Kamui
Daddy Arima
Tsukiyama eating Kaneki
Kaneki and Hide bromance
readingTokyo Ghoul: re
Fate Visual Novel (UBW)
Death Note: Los Angeles BB Murder Cases
watchingPsycho Pass 2
Fate/stay night: UBW

Fate/Zero (ep 2)
Attack on Titan (OVA 1)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (ep 2)


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if there's an adaptation, manga scenes that take place after the show are tagged as:
- [manga title] spoilers

Fandom sequels are tagged. Tokyo Ghoul: re posts are no longer tagged as 'tokyo ghoul spoilers'.

I don't tag trigger warnings sorry.
OptionalUse Chrome lol. But seriously, this theme doesn't look its best without it.
CB. tryhard graphics maker and adobe abuser. multifandom graphics + occasional fandom art/cracks. fandoms are tagged.
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